Widow’s Joy! IVF Twins!

Widow's Joy! IVF Twins!

A widow is full of joy after giving birth to IVF twins conceived with her husband’s sperm 3 years he died of throat cancer. Lucy Kelsall gave birth to two boys, David and Samuel, after her second round of IVF in 2019. The proud mother from Bristol, Connecticut made a promise to her husband before he died that he would be a father regardless of his fate.

Against All Odds

Lucy recalls, “The doctors said my womb wasn’t the right environment and the IVF wouldn’t work due to my womb being inhabitable, but I insisted they gave it a chance. The doctors said my chances of getting pregnant were slim due to my cycle beginning before an embryo had been transferred.

Dreams of a Family

A few days before her husband died, Lucy told him that she was still going to have his baby. “He was so surprised and happy! He looked so proud and he would have been an amazing father. It was so emotional at the birth and I still can’t get my head around the fact that I have a bit of David with me forever. One of them has David’s long legs and big feet because he had size 15 feet and one has his green eyes. He will always be remembered with 2 healthy boys!”

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