• Stars Who Struggled to Conceive Share Fertility Issues

    Celebrities Also Have Difficult Roads to Parenthood Many celebrities experience the same fertility challeges as anybody else. Brittney Spears and fiance Sam Asgahri revealed that they suffered a pregnancy loss just one month after announcing that they were expecting a baby together. Today Show host Savannah Guthrie recently reflected on suffering a miscarriage. “I stopped even […]

  • Tara Lapinski’s Path To Parenthood

    Olympic Gold Medalist Welcomes a Daughter! The Olympic gold medal figure skater welcomed a daughter with her husband Todd Kapostasy. Lapinsky is filled with joy. “Todd and I have a baby girl, Georgie Winter, that arrived into our arms by the most beautiful surrogate.” Lipinski faced infertility for years and was in the delivery room when […]

  • SART Recognizes and Honors Southwest Fertility Center

    Platinum Recognition from the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Southwest Fertility Center has been selected to receive SART Platinum Award recognition from the Quality Assurance and Validation Committee of SART: Society For Assisted Reproductive Technology. (SART) Fewer than 15% of SART clinics in the entire nation receive this special recognition. This recognition derives from metrics […]

  • Do Not Destroy Your Dream of Motherhood

    Breast Cancer Fertility Preservation Dr. Vinay Gunnala from Southwest Fertility Center in Phoenix believes breast cancer awareness should be year-round, especially when it comes to the awareness of fertility preservation. Dr. Gunnala notes, “For those who have just been given a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer, it is important to work swiftly with a Reproductive […]

  • Our Little Rainbow Baby

    Thank you for the wonderful reviews! We love our patience and love sharing this happiness at Southwest Fertility Center! 5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEW AOLANI NANTHITHAN – “Thanks to Dr. Gunnala and his incredible team, our little rainbow baby arrived after 6 years of trying. A special thanks to Karla and Shelly for making us feel […]

  • Egg Donors Needed.

    $3500 Per Donation Egg Donors and recipient couples will retain their anonymity throughout the egg donation process. Only non-identifying information is shared with the donor or recipient. Egg Donors selected by our program will be compensated $3,500, following the egg retrieval procedure.  Requirements for Donors Healthy women between the ages of 18-28Dependable and Committed. Must […]

  • What is Embryology?

    Definition of Embryology In Human Anatomy Embryology is the study of development of an embryo from the stage of ovum fertilization through to the fetal stage. The ball of dividing cells that results after fertilization is termed an “embryo” for eight weeks and from nine weeks after fertilization, the term used is “fetus.” Embryologist An embryologist […]

  • Cord Blood Awareness Month

    Purpose of Cord Blood Awareness Month U.S. Cord Blood Awareness Month every July, serves the purpose of educating people and raising awareness regarding the importance of cord blood. Not sure what cord blood is? It is the blood and tissue that is derived from the placenta and the baby’s umbilical cord. Why is Cord Blood Valuable? […]

  • June is World Infertility Awareness Month

    The Purpose and Reason World Infertility Awareness Month is celebrated every June to increase awareness regarding numerous infertility issues faced by couples across the globe. This includes problems related to female as well as male fertility. During this month, several myths regarding infertility are debunked and a lot of options are brought forward to those […]

  • June is Pride Month

    Purpose of Pride Month Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month) is celebrated annually in June works to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) Americans. Celebrations, Memorials and Awareness Celebrations throughout the nation include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposiums, webinars and concerts. LGBT […]