Infertility Stats and Info

A More Clear Picture

Getting pregnant can be tricky. For many couples experiencing infertility, conceiving can be a lot more challenging than most people think. These infertility stats may help clear the picture.

Infertility is the inability to conceive after one year of trying with unprotected intercourse for couples in which the female is under 35. However, if she is 35 or older, the evaluation often begins after 6 months of trying unsuccessfully to conceive. If a couple has an obvious medical problem affecting their ability to conceive, such as absence of periods, sexual dysfunction, a history of pelvic disease, or prior surgery, they should begin the infertility evaluation immediately.

Physical Issues and Lifestyle

Age, physical health and lifestyle choices, such as smoking and diet, can contribute to a person’s fertility, and we know that infertility affects both men and women. And, the decisions you make today can impact your fertility and ability to have kids later. It’s important to learn all you can about your fertility. Use the infertility stats below to help improve your knowledge.

Stats and Facts

  • 1 in 8 couples have difficulty getting pregnant
  • The natural fertility rates is only around 20%
  • 90% of infertility cases can be overcome through science
  • 35% of infertility in women is due to damaged fallopian tubes
  • 25% of infertility in women is linked to ovulation
  • 60% of women who have miscarriages will be able to have a healthy pregnancy
  • A 5 – 10% weight loss can dramatically improve conception
  • A sperm count of below 10 million is considered low
  • Less than 3% of infertility patients need advanced treatments like IVF
  • The success of IVF has increased from 5% to over 45%
  • More than 8,000,000 worldwide have been conceived via IVF

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