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For most couples, having a child is the most significant experience in their lives. Giving birth not only means bringing a new beautiful human being into their world, it also means creating a new life together; a new family looking forward to a future of loving and joyous experiences.

For one in five couples, creating this new life means seeking professional help.

At Southwest Fertility Center, we understand that each patient has a unique set of circumstances and therefore, no single treatment option is right for everyone. Our fertility doctors have extensive experience in helping to build healthy families whether you suffer from infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, or would like to explore other family building options including donor egg, donor sperm, or gestational carrier/surrogacy. For those interested in fertility preservation, we have a successful egg freezing program.

Doctors and Patients at Southwest Fertility Center

We are committed to helping individuals and couples achieve parenthood through the least invasive procedures when possible.

The causes of infertility can be identified in over 90% of those couples seeking a diagnosis. As part of the diagnostic process, our first priority is to assess your needs accurately. Once the cause(s) of your infertility has been identified, our innovative fertility doctors will present all options available and recommend a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

At Southwest Fertility Center, a number of treatment options are available, including:

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