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I remember THE scariest moment, when I was released from the hospital and got a phone call from Shelley who is a nurse at Dr. Gunnala's office a couple days later that things started to go downhill again and I would have to be re-admitted. I started crying, i felt so drainned and was so sick and was terrified for our babies. I remember asking Shelley all choked up if the babies were going to be okay and if we were going to loose them...she told me in the most confident voice that our babies would be just fine. I needed to hear that from her and it made me feel strong again. Those simple words of confidene that came from Shelly meant so much to me, I will never forget it. Everyone took such good care of my husband and I through this whole journey, they will never be forgotten. Dr. Gunnala made us feel like family, she gives the very best hugs and we felt so comfortable around her. It is amazing how much she works from the heart, something I have never experienced with a doctor before. Shelley is SO confident in her field, you see it and feel it in her eyes when she talks to you. Even during the most challenging times she picks you back up and gets you back on track. She also has a great sense of humor. You will always feel comfortable and confident around her.

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