Feb 28, 2017 |
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Compassionate, heartfelt, and genuine is how I would describe Dr. G and her team. When you have a fertility issue, you feel alone, ashamed, not quite whole; at least that is how I felt when I could not conceive a baby. My story is a little different than most. I did have two children from a previous marriage, and conceived them with no problem. Then when I met the love of my life and we wanted to grow our family we tried for many years without success. We just did not understand why I could not get pregnant when I had already had two children. From the moment we walked into Dr. G’s amazing office we felt at home. She had a detailed plan for us and we knew every step of the plan before we left her office. There was even a time that we did not understand something and instead of making us feel less adequate or dumb she stopped and took the time to help us understand. She then gave us a hug and said she will help us grow our family. From that time on I knew we made the right decision. We in fact did get pregnant with her aid and gave birth to our son Zackery. When we thought we would like another sibling for Zackery and our older children we did not hesitate to go back to her again. Again we were able to conceive and this time with our beautiful Twinkies, Hayden and Hunter. We have been truly blessed three times over. Fast forward 4 years, and my sister decided she would like to have a baby on her own because she was not lucky enough yet to have found that mister right. After 5 years, the moment I stepped into her office I felt at home again. The nerves I felt for my sister melted away and there was calm because I knew that Dr. G’s office would take care of her. One would think that after 5 years and many patients, Dr. G would have forgotten who I was. That was not the case; she smiled her sweet smile, called me by name, gave me one of her winning hugs and asked me how my boys were doing. She really remembered me after that long. It brought tears to my eyes. Here is a Dr. who sees thousands of patients, and remembers them all. I can’t remember where I put the car keys most days and she remembered me. That touched me more than she will ever know. Not only did she remember me, but her staff did as well. Dr. G and her staff are truly amazing and I would never hesitate to refer her to anyone. I am so excited to be going through this journey with my sister, but most of all I know that she will be taken care of with compassion, caring, dignity, and love. Words can never express what Dr. G and her team has done for my family and now is doing for my sweet sister. I can’t wait to hopefully meet my new nephew or niece. Thank you so much Southwest Fertility and Dr. G for making memories, miracles, and dreams come true.

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